Discover Your Own Rhythm

The Inspiration

Their love for Santorini, its history and tradition, led the owners, Lila and Achilleas, to the decision to renovate a 19th century stable and create Potamos Luxury House. Transforming this old building into a modern five people luxury holiday house has been a demanding challenge regarding different aspects such as forms, traditional elements and construction, which they enjoyed nevertheless. Travel enthusiasts both, they have spent the last 15 years exploring the globe together. These expert travellers have deliberately taken the road less travelled and throughout their journeys have learned that adventure and fun can always be found if you have the proper tools. Now, they are excited to assist others in their quest to built their own adventure toolbox and help them explore and enjoy the authentic Santorini.

A new luxury vacation house

Enjoy serenity in the privacy of your own villa

Potamos Luxury House is the perfect accommodation proposal for families or parties of up to 5 guests seeking to enjoy a relaxed stay on the island of Santorini.


Where we are

Episkopi Gonia (also known as Mesa Gonia) is a small, peaceful, traditional village nestled at the foothills of Prophet Elias mountain.

Not being touristic, this village is not widely known and remains one of the hidden treasures of Santorini for those seeking to relax and enjoy an original Greek experience, away from the crowds, while at the same time being in close proximity to the most significant touristic attractions.